I was 16 when I began my studies in art (printmaking) at the East Sydney Technical College, School of Fine Arts (1986-1989). I followed this at the University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts 1991-92 as a printmaking technician shortly after I pursued a Post Graduate Diploma from Sydney College of the Arts (University of Sydney – 1993). In 2007, I completed a Master of Fine Art in Printmaking at the National Art School, East Sydney and in between I went to Europe and the US, where I studied artists printmakers.

On a related note, I sold work to the National Gallery of Australia before I turned 21. I have a reasonable number of pieces in the ANG due in no small part to bequests by Tony Coleing, Redback Graphix and the Silkcut Awards.

I've been fairly successful in the fine arts considering that I have pretty much shunned the gallery system; it is exploitative, farcical and not healthy for artists and art in Australia. Occasionally I've been picked up by a decent Gallery such as John McDonalds - New Contemporaries Gallery but that was a short lived experimental gallery that showed interesting and technically virtuous work. Its days were clearly numbered in Australia. A little ahead of its time I suspect.

My Masters thesis was about my love of fine art and my distemper with the "art scene", exploring the social and individual benefits of art while asking awkward questions about why we have so many artists and art schools in a country which (fiscally speaking) does not love art. Art; has wonderful benefits for individuals and society. For a few it makes money, for many it gives them life. Art is important, it helps people.

My masters thesis "Origins of irrelevence - the sociological origins of arts institutions in Australia" can be found here https://www.patreon.com/hipcat